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Social Capitalists


The Cafuelarena are social capitalists.


For the Cafuelarena, two of the greatest events in history , were the British industrial revolution, and even more so, the post war German economic miracle.  There are different flavours of capitalism, and the Cafuelarena like theirs decidedly German flavour.


Their heroes are the German economist Fredrick Liste, and the French Colbert.  Their political bibles are The World we're in by Will Hutton, and The Seven Cultures of Capitalism, (European author).  The cold war is over, the battle between socialism and capitalism is dead.  The new battle is between Total Free Market Capitalism, and Social Capitalism.  Our political signature tune is Who's side are you on, by Matt Bianco.  Who's side are you on?  Free market or Social Capitalist?


To properly understand all this, it is essential to obtain and read those two books.  Cafuelarena have to read a chapter a month of each book.

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