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The Cafuelarena favour jazz music, all kinds of jazz, including pop jazz.

Their favourite bands are Matt Bianco, Working Week, and Style Council, and things like that.  There are Cafuelarena bands who dress in the fashion.  Contact from people in the music business is always welcome.  Of course we like all types of other music as well, including pop and rock mainstream, But our code is Jazz. The Cafuelarena signature tune is Half A Minute By Matt Bianco.



Cafuelarena have a taste for the Harbour Marina art movement.  Paintings, photogrpahs, and other art forms depicting or relating to the sea, boats, yachts. and aspects of harbourside and coastal life.  Also because of the link to jazz, Cafuelarena are keen on Art Deco.  They are expected to own some inexpensive art, and visit art galleries from time to time.



Cafuelarena are expected to watch a number of French films.  Many are subtitled, and people don't like them at first.  But it soon wears off, and you end up liking them.  A whole new world of film is opened up to you.  Of  course we watch mainstream films as well.                  Also play French bowls -boules/pentangue.



Cafuelarena are meant to know at least a bit about philosophy.  You should know the basics of some of the great philsophers, you should have a favourite philosopher, and be able to sound sort of intelligent in explaining why.  We recruit some people from housing estates, who have never heard of philosophy.  Basically it is what wise people think about the big issues in life.  They say god I never knew this, it's kind of interesting.



Some Cafuelarena are quite good dancers and do quite a lot.  Others are not that much bothered and are happy sitting around chatting and posing, and having a laugh, and drinking. It's considered a bit bad if you don't dance to the signature tune Half A Minute.  Once a DJ who knew this, played the song about a dozen times because he knew it would fill the dance floor.  Some Cafuelarena got a bit fed up.  So now you only have to dance to it twice per visit to a venue.  


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