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USOs  Unidentified Submersible Objects


Cafuelarena folkore, and speculation


The Cafuelarena is based upon two things,  French cafe society, and a deep, sometimes almost semi religious, love of rivers and the sea.


It is therefore legitimate for the Cafeularena, to be interested in the paranormal, relating to the sea.


This might include unidentified submerisble objects, USOs, the mermaid legend, aquatic aliens, the lady of the lake from King Arthur, and Atlantis.  Plus some speculation,  about the aquatic nature of certain historical figures.


Strictly speaking, the Cafeularena likes to regard this as folkore, or a legitimate area of interest, given our love of the sea,  Folklore is that foggy borderland, between fantasy and historical fact.  It is in the realm of uncertainty.  


Head office says that what people think, of Cafuelarena folklore is a matter of personal choice.  Many Cafuelarena believe in USOs, because the witnesses are highy credible, and there is evidence of radar and sonar tracking,  But many do not believe in USOs.  Cafeularena head office, takes no official position. However we insist, it is an acceptable area of interest.  




Underwater UFOs, or USOs



Russian Navy and USOs



UFO over water  



Probable Atlantis    



Madonna - Beautiful Stranger     


In Cafuelarena folklore, the dedication song to the aliens.  













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