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Love The Sea


Any self respecting Cafuelarena is expected to know a bit a about sailing and the sea.  You don't have to be an expert, but you do need to make some effort.  A Cafuelarena girl was walking home from a quayside bar one summer evening, and astonished an old sailor with her knowledge of knots.  He was also a bit gobsmacked at how her boyfriend spoke about the merits of one boat over another.  He had read it in a boating magazine.  




A minority of Cafuelarena claim to suffer from something called landlock phobia.  This is where you almost cannot bear to be away from the sea or a river.  The further away you are, and the longer, the more ill or depressed you feel.  A kind of homesickness for the sea.  It may include depression, panic attacks, headaches, feeling sick, breathlessness, feeling faint, or generally not well. Also known as land sickness or inland clausrophobia. Some say they feel closed in, suffocating and can't breathe.  



Cafuelarena are sometimes teased by people saying can I clean ya boat? Because Cafuelarena often say this themselves. Finding a boat to clean can seem like the most important thing in life. Boat owners are bewlidered and sometimes annoyed at Cafuelarena determination to find boats to clean.  They will clean a boat with almost fanatical dedication for the prize of a trip out, or money to pay for a trip out.  


Tina once asked an old sailor if she could clean his boat about two hundred times.  He got fed up,looked fierce, growled at her, chased her with with a stick, threw cloths at her, and threatened to call the police if she asked one more time.  She took to sitting on a wall looking glum, for hours.  One day the old sailor said I've been asking around, so you want a trip out do you?  Go on then clean the bloody boat!  But remember I'm the captain!  


For security, only go on boats in pairs.   Cafuelarena are puzzled by boat owners who don't have this great love of the sea, almost heartbreaking, yearning,, kind of spiritual.  One sailors wife said they talk to to you, or share silence with you like they never will with me.  They have a code don't they?  You're lucky, you sail, like them.  They will never let me that close.  

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