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Cafe Society - Social side


Cafuelarena comes from two words, cafe and marina.   Most things about the Cafuelarena come from French cafe society, or the marina life.  the connection with France, bars, cafes, coffee bars, jazz, art , politics,  intellectualism, culture, film, and philosohpy is the cafe society side.  The almost spiritual love of boats, rivers, and the sea is from the marina side.  Cafuelarena is usually written in blue, with the fuel bit in red. The fuel is said to reflect the fuel or energy of the cult.   Pronounce kaf-yoo-luh-ree-na   Last bit like arena stadium.



Cafuelarena are meant to hang around in groups of about sixteen, eight lads and eight girls, though this is not always possible.  Either sex should not outnumber the other by greater than two to one.  Hopefully these people will be among the greatest friends you will ever, have.  Strong group loyalty and friendship is encouraged.  There is a group captain, senior vice captain, and junior vice.  The senior vice has to be opposite sex of captain.  They meet seperately twice a month to discuss how things are going, plan the future, and provide leadership and support for the group.  It's not easy.



The Cafuelarena are a bit posh, but you don't have to drink in a posh bar that charges high prices.  Ask yourself, is this place befitting of a Cafuelarena?  Is the music way too loud and too common?  Are the people too common, or too drunk or foul mouthed?  If it's a bar, is it  not far from a river or the sea?  You can drink in coffee bars well into town, steer clear of American owned places.

There are all the add ons, the philosophy, the art, and all that, and the seacraft  and the love of the sea aspect.  Then there is the sensational fashion.  You attract some attention!  Some Cafuelarena are shy, and crying out for attention, so the fashion appeals to them.  Others are extrovert and born to be in the spotlight.


You get yourself some fab friends, and you basically just go around doing all the things any young people would do.  You just live your life, but you also seem to spend half your life in bars and coffee bars, drinking coffee and wine, or at least European alcoholic drinks.  Cafuelarena dont drink as much as pos as fast as pos, they drink slolwer, get a bit drunk not wildly drunk.  If it's what you're looking for, it can be a great life.






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