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Aquatic Jesus 2

Jesus may have been hermaphrodite - Dr. Susanah Cornwall



Leah De Vun - Jesus Hermaphrodite


Jesus was a girl - Professor J. Clout



Author of Sacred virgin holy whore,  Dr. Anthony Harris thought Jesus was a woman.  He thought Jesus had Turners Syndrome












Jesus by Da Vinci          Jesus, unkown artist


Mary Magdalene Revelation


Mary Magdalene                                    Mary Magdalene, Mermaid feet, ^

                                                                              15th century painting

Jesus the intersexual


It is thought that some of the hermaphrodite aliens might regard the human sex act as disgusting.


The virgin Mary might realy have been a virgin, but not in the way most Christians would like, that she was an alien.  Jesus may have been an alien human hybrid, the bible nearly says as much.  Jesus's human father Jospeh only gets a few mentions inthe bible, and may not have really existed, Jesus didn't need a biological father.











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