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Favoured Culture



BBC drama Spooks, opening sequence   


Spooks fulll theme


A fave tv series of many in the Shadow-More, our intelliigence wing




Music Half a minute, by Matt Binaco                       


The Cafulearena signature tune



Music who's side are you on,  by Matt Binaco                       


Cafuelarena political signature tune  Who's side are you are you on ?

Ruthless, cannibal, free market funadamentalism, anglo saxon American

capitalism ?  Or post war German economic miracle, social capitalism, social market, or Rhineland capitalism, spoken of in the books by Will Htton ?  



James  Bond, car chase & underwater


The spy who loved me, the most aquatic Bond film.



Sea waves, one                                                 


The sea meds Sea Meditation  Cafuelarena have an almost quasi religious love of the sea and rivers.  Mystery surrounds the secret rituals gatherings, initiations, and bonding sessions,  in or near the sea, evenings, midnight and dawn.                                                                



Sailing Rough Seas



Dolphins footage - emotionally moving



The Electro Swing Explosion


A fair proportion of Cafuelarena are into electro swing music.


Electro Swing Explosion  2


Electro Swing  -  Cat Groove


The Flappers One


The Flappers Two


The Flappers Three

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