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Aquatic Physical Savants,  or the APS   pt2

The situation with the APS is very confusing because some APS do not have red hair, and some of them have brown eyes.  Not all of them have RH negative blood.  Not all of them have the very pale skin.  Many conventional humans are pale skinned redheads, but they are not APS.  So the piture is confusing to say the least.  But we do think the list of traits, a combination of a number of these traits, are strongly linked to the APS in some general sense, as yet not fully understood.  


There is a hidden community in Scotland.  Around a hundred APS humans live there.  This hidden community is not surrounded by babred wire, with a machine gun tower but security is fairly strong and there are security staff. The strong swimmers actually do venture out into the local more conventional human community.  These Scots, are fiercley loyal and protective towards them.  We don’t think there has been a single incidence when they have spilled the secret.  As if it were possible, these Scots could be said to be more loyal even than the Sea Masons and the Cafeualrena.  (Sea Masons, not Freemasons)  

The Scottish children are brought up to keep the secret.  It impressed upon them by their parents and grand parents that the APS would be reagarded as curiosities and freaks, living in a global goldfhish bowl, their lives would be made a living hell.  A few years ago an APS did hang herself, and it was thought the pressure of being APS may have been a contributory factor.  














Pictures.  Left, Queen Elizabeth the first, a pale skinned redhead.  Right, an APS human.  In Cafuelarena folklore,  Queen Liz One is the second most venerated woman, after the redheaded Mary Magdalene.  Artists were ordered to paint Liz Tudor with "idealistic"  or "aspirational" hands.  In later years, Liz Tudor would use cosmetics to make her face look whiter than ever.







Secret Land


Mary Magdalene

                                                           Actress playing Mary Magdalene


Cafuelarena President Honor Hammond once went to the South of France,

and went to a church and cut her arm and spilt for Mary Magdalene.  Whenever Honor is asked about this she says it is true, but I don't want to talk about it.  


Swedish twins on motorway


Real life like the film "Unbreakable".  These two women seem similar to accounts of physical savants.  We have heard of a female stranger in Cornwall, fighting off eleven Cornish fishermen, trying to save her from certain death.  She was determined (to put it lightly), to get into the sea, in foul almost suicidal weather conditions.  They said she had superhuman strength.  Several of the fisherman had been clawed and badly bitten.

She did make it into the sea.    


It has been established that the two Swedish ladies were not on drugs, were not drunk, and did not have any brain damage.

queen liz cropped
APS human
mary cropped

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