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Aquatic Physical Savants,  or the APS   pt 1


Some people can be born with enhanced abilities that are outside of the norms.  Sports people, double jointed people, contortionists,  are some examples.  Roger Bannister who broke the four minute mile had an unusual lung capacity.  Ussain Bolt may have some enhanced physical characterists.   The Sherpa who escort people up Mount Everest seem to be adapted to breathing thinner air. Then there are savants.  People with amazing mental abilities, for example in mathamatics.  In the film Rain man starring Dustin Hoffman, an autistic man also had savant abilities, as regards card counting.  


Well there could be said to be a class of human beings. who could be described as physical savants, with enhanced physical characteristics.  The ones the Cafuelarena are most interested in, are the Aquatic Physical Savants or the APS humans.  The green eyed pale skinned redheads, with pronounced webbed hands and feet.  


Some people suffer from an illness which includes being pale skinned, and being light senseitive, and having unconventional dental conditions, so they have unusual teeth.  They are also lacking in iron, so their diet is more carnivore.  These people probably gave rise to the vampire legend.  In the same way, there might be some connection between the Aquatic Physical Savants, and the mermaid legend.  The strongest mermaid territory in Britain is Cornwall, and the Shetland Islands.  The Cafuelarena were totally shocked when they disocvered that the Shetland Island mermaid legends spoke of mermaids that were NOT mono fins, but had two legs and webbed feet, and could walk upon the land.  


Common traits of the APS humans


RH negative blood group.

Red hair and green eyes, or blue eyes.  

Webbed hands or feet.

Suspect ollection of silver cups and swimming certificates.  

Strange dreams or nightmares, or “awakenings” especially during teenage years.

Befriendings with strangers during teenage years, with  a rapid tight bonding process, especially during summer holidays, near beaches,especially Cornwall.

Visits during childhood, and sometimes up until teenage years, from phantom health visitors or phantom social workers.  

High musical ability.

Sometimes an unconventional or none mainstream attitude concerning sex.  

Keen on liesure activities relating to rivers or the sea.  

Possible political belief in a more enlightened or slightly more fair kind of society.  .

Suffering from landlock phobia.  Badly out of sorts, the longer they go away from the sea, even leading to rages and slight craziness.  Also ME like symptoms, or chronic fatgue syndrome.  Depression, quiet or subdued away fromt he sea.  

Sleepwalking into the sea.

The outsider syndrome.  Some signs, or some feelings of being an outsider, from the rest of humanity.

Somtimes seemingly super human strength.

Can hold their breath underwater for much longer than ordinary people

Very strong swimmers, in some cases this is an understatement.

Can cope with the extreme cold, and can be at home in very cold water, in conditions that would  kill ordinary people in short order.

An extra aqautic eyelid

A larger spleen than ordinary people  


90 to 95% of APS are female.  

It is thought that of the male APS,  in rare cases some of them are very special indeed, even by APS standards.  John the Baptist, Jesus Christ,  Vishnu, King Arthur, Merovee, and Leonardo Da Vinci are speculated to be of this type.  Such male APS are called a star child.



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