The colours are black, white, ginger, smokey grey, persian blue.

Furry, velvety soft, luxurious, sleek, tight fitting, velour, fleece, fleecy.

Tops, shirts, waistcoats, jackets, jumpers, trousers, skirts.

Fleece jackets, fleece jackets with pictures of cats on them.

Furry boots, leg warmers, lengthy wristbands, fabric arm bands, furry

or furrylike sleevelss jackets.  Scarves, one two or three, in cat colours and fabrics.

Fair amount of badges and jewellery, all cat themed, cat designs.

None blatant make-up, hinted at not fairground facepainting level.

Furry Russian hats. long hair versions, faux fur, cat colours.


Many Catalore seem to be drenched, saturated in faux fur.  From some distance people sometimes wonder if they are meant to be cavemen or cave women.  Getting closer, they don't know what they are.  They can't be cave people because they wear trousers, tops, or waistcoats.  Then people notice the cat badges.


It is not essential to own a cat to be a member, you just have to like them.

Cult signature tune - The Love Cats, by The Cure.

Fave board game - Cats mansion, by Spears games



Male Catalore often favour the colour black though not exclusively.  They have impeccable good taste, they are confident, and can be a bit selfish.  Catalore men see themselves as sophisticated, and can seem fairly aloof.  Some can be a little self obsessed.  They can be quite vane, and have very good grooming.  Seen as sophisticated and cultured.


                                                                                   Cult President: Niomi Newland

                                                                                   Vice President:  Ron Dexter                                 

                                                                                   Legal - Reece & Morgan


                                                                                   Originator/Overlord - Smon Kemnew





The   C A T a l o r e

The Catalore fashion & lifestyle mystery cult

For "cat people" and cat lovers


NO vampires NO weirwolves Cat People YES!