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The Cafuelarena Fashion and Lifestyle cult.

Heavily influenced by French cafe society.

They have a great love of rivers and the sea.

Congregate in areas where there might be boats/yachts, anywhere by river/sea.

Famous for their bright red berets and bright red wool coats


They go around in groups of sixteen, ideally eight lads eight girls, spending much time drinking in bars near a river or the sea.  Or in coffee bars in town.

Interested in politics, philosophy, art, particularly art deco and harbour marina.  They favour jazz and French films, but also like mainstream music and films.



THE FASHION                                                                          

Bright red berets, or navy blue berets.                                      

Bright red woollen coats, usually duffel coats. With navy tog buttons & loops.

Nautical stripes t-shirts, - navy and white horizontal, 5cm wide stripes.

Black trousers, wool or woomiix, with bright red playing card diamonds pattern.

Navy blue flat shoes. Girls option - red boots.


Official trademarked silver badges pinned on coats and berets are rented.

Girls can wear skirt, (or miniskirt),  with white/navy horizontal striped tights

Optional neckerchief,  tied around neck, red or navy.


Girls often have jet black hair, with haircut known as 1930s style, or Uma Thurman pulp fiction. (St. Trinian girl, bob style, mystic Meg).   Many girls wear bright red lipstick.  Lads hair is short or medium, never long.



Cafuelarena Fashion



The Cafuelarena is for people

aged 15 to 35.  Under 18s frequent coffee bars.

The Cafiari' (kaf-ee-a-rye) over 35s,

wear powder blue berets and coats.



Cult President - Louise Forrester

Vice President - Grant Myers           Originator/Director - Simon Kemnew

All rights reserved. Legal Reece & Morgan.


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